Eating Disorder Videos

This page contains eating disorder videos. These were made to show you what having an eating disorder really means, and inspire you to overcome an eating disorder that you may be suffering from. On the bottom of the page are links to resources for more information and help.


Recovery Videos











A Young Survivor Tells Her Story

Emma Cunningham talks about how Family-Based therapy (FBT) saved her life and helped her to recover from Anorexia.

Podcast provided courtesy of Tabitha Farrar.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, or want to help someone that is, here are some links to other pages on this site that may help you.

Telling Someone You Have An Eating Disorder – Taking that first step is very difficult. What to say, how they are going to react, why its important to just do it.

How To Talk To Someone With An Eating Disorder – What to say and not to say. What eating disorder sufferers hear when you say certain things.

Getting Help – Accepting that you have an eating disorder, and asking for help are extremely difficult. Learn more about the process of overcoming your eating disorder.

Treatment Centers For Eating Disorders – How to select the proper treatment center, what to expect.


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