Behind Mirror-mirror

Our mission. Our people. Our Community.

2JWOWS is a young company that specializes in developing and investing in web sites.  We recently acquired, as you know, a leading content website for those with eating disorders. That’s why we felt it was essential for us to reach out and let you know what we see for the future of mirror-mirror.  

After several months of being immersed in the intricate world of eating disorders, we realize that simply applying our model to mirror-mirror is more complex than originally thought.

At this stage, we feel it is important to introduce ourselves to you and the community and discuss the steps we are taking to grow

2JWOWS was founded by 2 experienced entrepreneurs, with extensive backgrounds in Finance. After success on Wall Street, we decided to focus our interest on business that matters to real people like you.

We won’t lie; we acquired from its prior owner for the growth potential of its community and traffic. At first, we saw the benefit of helping others but we mostly looked at mirror-mirror through a “numbers” lens.But as we got involved in conversations about ED, our view quickly began to change. As we refreshed some outdated articles and wrote new pieces, we realized that this work goes far beyond “the numbers”. A sense of responsibility grew in us. We now believe that helping the community is our calling. If we do right by people in need, the growth will come naturally.

It all began with an eye-opening interaction: in July, we had a shocking encounter. A mother of a young anorexic lady reached out through the website, crying out for help. Fortunately, we connected her to the right treatment center near them which accepted her and began treating her. While she’s not out of the woods yet, the patient has improved markedly. Her mother can’t stop thanking and blessing us.That payoff was far better than seeing numbers grow on a financial statement. Making an actual difference is a wonderful currency.

Right then we realized mirror-mirror isn’t just a business; it goes far beyond that. We have a duty to spread useful information and to help people. There is a whole universe of individuals looking for accurate information and help about ED.

The day is short and the work is plentiful. And we intend to continue informing and assisting people through Helping people deal with this difficult issue is now our main mission.

With that said, there is much to do.

Many outdated articles need refreshing. Much data needs updating. We want to disseminate the right information: correctly worded and as accurate as possible.

We can’t conclude without giving a heart-felt thank you to those ED-knowledgeable people who are already advising and helping us. Amongst others, a very particular thank you to Michelle Haneberg for her support and advises.

Still, we’re definitely looking for support. We welcome any resource, and value any feedback on the website you may have: positive or negative. Everything helps.

We wish to partner with people like you. We want you to share your experiences with us. If you are well-versed on ED issues, treatments, solutions, or innovations – we need your input.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you feel you can help. The ED community appears fragmented and we want to  bring the pieces together and serve it to the best of our ability. You can be instrumental helping us to accomplish this task.

We want to make better. We want to make it the best place for this special community. Because now, we are now part of it.

Thanks for giving us the time.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

The 2JWOWS team, October 2020