Quiz for Self Esteem

Here is a simple quiz for self esteem you can use to assess your self esteem. Self esteem tests are not designed to diagnose any kind of psychological disorder. They are just a quick and easy way to measure how you feel about yourself. If you score low, you could benefit from learning self-compassion practices and from getting expert help. Professional help is essential is you have an eating disorder, and nutritional restoration is likely to help your mental wellbeing.

Quiz for Self Esteem

There are other self esteem tests you can take, but we like this one because it only takes a few minutes and the results are easy to understand. Answer the questions in this quiz “most of the time,” “some of the time,” or “almost never.”

  1. My feelings are easily hurt.
  2. I get very upset if someone criticizes me, even if it is “constructive criticism.”
  3. I feel angry at myself if I make a mistake, even if it is an “honest mistake.”
  4. Instead of making decisions by myself, I usually ask other people what they think I should do.
  5. I usually go along with the group, even if I don’t really agree.
  6. I feel uncomfortable when someone gives me a compliment.
  7. I feel as if I don’t “measure up.” I never feel good enough.
  8. I frequently say negative things to myself, like telling myself I am stupid or fat or just no good.
  9. I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I feel I am very unattractive.
  10. I find myself apologizing for things a lot, even things that aren’t really my fault.

Understanding the Results of Your Quiz for Self Esteem

If you answered “almost never” to most of the questions on this quiz for self esteem, you are in good shape. Everyone has their feelings hurt sometimes. Everyone gets angry at themselves sometimes. Everyone has the experience of looking in the mirror and not liking what they see at some point. As long as these things don’t happen very often, though, they are not cause for concern.

If you answered “most of the time” to many of these questions, you have reason to be concerned. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are depressed or have other psychological problems, but it probably means you have an unrealistic and pessimistic view of yourself. You would benefit from learning tools to self-soothe and regulate your emotions. If you have an eating disorder, make sure you get expert treatment as soon as possible because those conditions can be quite serious, even deadly. Often they maintain the low mental wellbeing you may be experiencing. Nutritional restoration will in itself improve your mental state as the body gets its needs met.

If you answered “some of the time” to many of these questions, it is well worth you learning self-compassion, and the advice regarding treatment for an eating disorder is just as valid.

Other Self Esteem Tests

This is not the only quiz for self esteem you can take. There are numerous other self esteem tests you can use to assess your feelings of self-worth. You can find other tests in books and online, or you can visit a professional counselor for some self esteem tests. A counselor can help you interpret the results, as well.
If you want to start by yourself, you can also integrate positive habits to your routine and make your self-esteem better day by day by writing a self-love journal.

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Updated – 2019