Letter of Hope – Eating Disorders

To All Sufferers of Eating Disorders,

Congratulations! If you are reading this you have taken the first and, for many, one of the hardest steps toward recovery, admitting you have a problem. If you have been able to do that, you should be proud, because it is not an easy thing to do. It is important to remember that recovering from an eating disorder takes a lot of hard work and time. Recovery can happen and it will.

On your journey to recovery you will experience good days and bad days. Imagine that you are on a roller coaster ride. You will have a lot of ups and downs, but this is a normal progression and over time there will come a point when you notice that there are more ups than downs.

The days when you feel trapped, hopeless and like quitting, are the days you need to fight even harder. Never give up; recovery is worth fighting for. Remember that your eating disorder is not you. You are stronger than the voices and the rules and you can go against them. The more you go against them, the weaker they will become. Each time you do succeed and ignore the urges to do as your eating disorder wants you to, you are another step closer to recovery.

It is very important to seek help and support during your recovery. Finding an experienced treatment team will make your recovery process much quicker. (See our pages on Treatment and Selecting a Therapist )

A treatment team will help you overcome the physical and mental aspects of your illness. It’s not easy to open up to someone and talk about how you are feeling, but it can be a massive asset.

One Day At A Time

Each day is a new day that you can recommit to recovery. Each day you can recommit to providing your body with the nutrition it needs and deserves. Each day you can recommit to growing strong and healthy.

During recovery, you will probably experience lapses and may even experience a relapse. It’s natural for this to happen and it’s to be expected. Don’t get angry with yourself and don’t dwell on it. Instead, remind yourself of all the positive things you have done and all the progress you have made. You can also learn from those lapses, and in the long run, they will make you stronger. See our pages on Relapse Prevention and Relapse Prevention Plan.

It’s important to keep fighting even when you feel like giving up, because you are worth saving. Have faith in yourself and your treatment team and believe that you can recover. There is a beautiful life waiting for you beyond your eating disorder, one that you deserve and one that is ready for you.

Remember that eating disorders can be beaten; you don’t have to be a prisoner to this anymore. You have suffered long enough and now it’s time to set yourself free.

Good luck to you all and God Bless you.

Colleen Thompson




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Updated by Dr. Lauren Muhlheim and Tabitha Farrar – 2014
Written by Colleen Thompson – 1996